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Angelina Ballerina

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Dance with Angelina at Camembert Academy


Got your dress? Did your make-up? Put on your dancing shoes because it's time to dance with Angelina Ballerina in Mattel Play! Town Dubai!

Angelina and her friends demonstrate that discipline, strength, teamwork and dedication are the building blocks of success.

Dress up, make up, dancing and crafts provide the perfect experience for our aspiring ballerinas at Camembert Academy. Dance and performance are center stage inside our interactive dance studio. A magic mirror and interactive dance wall will bring out your child's inner Angelina and ensure they always put their best toe forward.

Angelina Ballerina ™ is a feisty little mouse who dances after her dreams with grace and determination. When little girls share in Angelina's experiences, they are inspired by our interactive studio. Angelina is on the dance floor to make sure every child follows the right steps. Come along with your kids for a full day of fun and amusement!

Strike your best ballerina pose and take a picture!