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Mattel Play! Town Educational Program

A little imagination can make BIG things happen!

Immersed in a town specially designed for the young mind. Students will be fully engaged in learning how to use their imagination and creativity with their favorite characters all brought to life. Suitable for ages 2-10 years old.


A school visit to Mattel Play! Town is an open day pass starting from 9:00am daily, offering the possibility to explore all our character areas spread across two levels.


  1. Open day pass with access to your favourite character themed areas within Mattel Play! Town only.
  2. A character themed educational program of choice* plus an open day pass with access to the five-character themed areas:
  • The Angelina Ballerina Dance and Physical Fitness program: From the moment the students enter Camembert Academy they will pirouette through a fun filled educational program, which focuses on physical well-being and the importance of adopting and maintaining healthy habits, students will be swept away in the arts with Angelina and her Friends discovering and mastering dance moves from various genres.
  • The Barney and Friends World of Imagination program: Using their imagination, students will escape to the wonderful world of Barney and friends, where they will brush up on letters, numbers, colors and shapes through fun, teamwork and creative play.
  • The Barney and Friends Nature Explorers program: Have your students ever wondered what makes nature, well, nature? Or what would make the perfect tree? With the help of Barney and Friends students will explore the different animals and habitats of the world, the workings of photosynthesis of plants and trees; and finding out ways to help protect nature together.

*These packages are available in two age brackets 2-4 years old and 5-10 years old.

To know more about this program, Request a Callback

Package includes:

  • Opportunities to meet the Mattel Play! Town Characters in either meet and greets or live stage shows.
  • One complimentary photo for each student
  • With every ten students one teacher is free of charge (Pre-K to KG2 with every four students and one teacher is free of charge)
  • Free Parking

Additional Options:

  • Special food and beverage lunch packages are available at an additional charge

Important notice:

  • No outside food or drink is permitted to be taken into the facility.
  • Water is acceptable