The Fun Is In Getting It Done

Mattel Play! Town is a magical place where…

each child can meet Barney,

go on an adventure with Thomas & Friends,

save the day with Fireman Sam,

build their dream home with Bob the Builder

and dance their heart out with Angelina Ballerina - all in the same day

play with bob the builder

Bob the Builder™

From dressing up to steadying the scaffold and building a city, children will learn the value of teamwork when joining Bob the Builder in Mattel Play! Town.

The plans are laid out and Scoop is waiting, positive thinking, problem solving and teamwork will get the job done! Whether designing buildings in kinetic sand or hoisting blocks for intricate creative work, Bob the Builder and his crew will teach children life skills and demonstrate how The Fun Is In Getting It Done!

Watch the new Bob The Builder show everyday at Mattel Play! Town

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Angelina Ballerina™

Angelina and her friends demonstrate that discipline, strength, teamwork and dedication are the building blocks of success.

Dress up, make up, dancing and crafts provide the perfect experience for our inspiring Angelina's at Camembert Academy. Dance and performance are centre stage inside our interactive dance studio. A magic mirror and interactive dance wall will bring out your child's inner Angelina and ensure they always put their best toe forward.

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Thomas & Friends™

Parents and Little Engineer's enjoy a unique connection on every journey, whether exploring the Island of Sodor through our themed play structure or enjoying magical movies in our Thomas & Friends 4D cinema.

Adventure seekers are welcomed aboard at Knapford Station where Percy and Harold will take them on an exciting journey to new heights. Then on to the 4D cinema where Thomas & Friends stories are brought to life as children see their favourite friends in action.

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play with barney playtown dubai


Families will have a tee-rific time learning while having fun with Barney; children of all ages love spending time in Barney's yard where they enjoy music, singing and dancing.

Just imagine all the things that can be created in the arts and craft space, and the super-dee-duper adventures to be shared when we dress up and use the fun play props.

Join in the fun with the Barney activities

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fireman sam new

Fireman Sam™

Get dressed for action, navigate the adventure maze and learn about fire health and safety – children joining Fireman Sam will be ready to save the day!

With Fireman Sam safety always comes first and bravery is commended. Our aerial adventure maze will test even the most fearless firefighters – do you have what it takes to complete the course and save the day?

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